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Trick or Treat by RissyHorrorx
Trick or Treat
little different to what ive been drawing recently but its just a drawing ive been ding at school, because pffft who needs to do work when you can get all excited about Halloween! WOO! 
anyway this is Lilith, she was named by a friend, I probably will be doing more art of her so if you like this then stick around ^_^

please do not take use or manipulate without permission. 
Samezuka boys by RissyHorrorx
Samezuka boys
I did say I was going to be doing some more OC stuff so here it is. more Free! OC's cause i might still be pretty obsessed with the show oopsy :D (Big Grin) 
from left to right: Ty, Hiro, Shun and Jiro. All of the guys attend samezuka Academy and all of them apart from Ty are in the swim team. 
i will probably draw some individual pictures of them with more inf later (i know i've drawn Hiro before but whatever)

please do not take, use or manipulate without permission, please do not use my characters in your own art without permission too 
Free! Iwatobi Host Club by RissyHorrorx
Free! Iwatobi Host Club
okay so this literally took me forever, ive been working on it on and off since the series finished but now it is finally done. dont really know why i did this cross over but i think it worked out quite well :giggle: 
all drawn and coloured by me, very time consuming but what can i say, im a perfectionist. p.s i still hate working with Rin, his face always looks wrong to me ... i dont know. quite happy with how this turned out though so cant complain. 
picture idea from this

please to not take use or manipulate without permission! 
I wonna swim! by RissyHorrorx
I wonna swim!
woo more Free! OC stuff.... well i say free but basically its the same person, i just put her in everything
yep, thats Haru's hoodie, shes a hoodie thief. 
will be posting some more OC stuff (more of Hiro than anyone else ... i know you guys like him though, its fine)
A sight you've never seen before! by RissyHorrorx
A sight you've never seen before!
Rin Matsuoka of Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. After drawing Haru I thought I should draw Rin too, I will get around to drawing the other some time soo ^_^ 
again water brush credits go to 
:iconimaliea: , :iconalmuli: and :iconserkenil: 

please do not take use or manipulate without permission :D
Tagged by  :icontimidbitch: and :iconsquigmonster:

im gonna do both sets at once

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer
4. You have to choose 5 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. No tag backs.
6.No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this" You legitimately have to tag 5 people.

im gonna ignore rule 4 cause im nice person and i do not wish to pester others, if you read this and wish to do one then just pretend you've been tagged (also im lazy but we'll skip that)

so 5 things about me then haha this should be fun ..oh wait i got tagged twice does that mean 10 things ? uhhh.. okay 10 then

1.My favorite band is We The Kings
2.My favorite foods are noodles and chicken. I would happily live off them for the rest of my life
3.I hate sitting around and doing nothing even though I do that quite a lot
4.I hate being alone. I would prefer to sit in silence with a friend then sit alone without
5.Despite my love for coffee cake I actually hate drinking coffee 
6.I have a list of things i need to draw but always say "i have nothing to draw"
7.I have a fetish for vampires (but only the ones that actually drink blood, anything like twilight is a no no)
8.I seem to live in my own little wold most of the time because the thought of reality scares me more then anything.
9.I hate the sun to the point that if there is no one in the house i will purposely close the curtains and sit in darkness even if its the middle of the day . hiss hiss
10. the idea of food before 9 the morning makes me physically sick 

Squig's Q's

1. If you were a tribute in the Hunger Games what would you do as soon as the countdown ended? And why?
im not going to lie i have no idea what a 'tribute' is but seen as the hunger games sounds quite horrific i guess i would call up my friends and go for pizza ... pizza resolves anything.

2. If you could buy anything you wanted (Cost is not an issue) what would you buy? And why?
I would buy/rent Tom Hiddleston for like a week (im not that weird, i wouldnt force him to stay with me or anything, im not gonna lock him up and force him to love me for eternity) and just hang out with him, maybe go to some conventions with him cosplaying Loki and stuff. id probably take him to some gigs too, you never know, he might actually like We Butter The Bread With Butter. we could rent out some fancy haunted house and invite our friends over and we'd have like a massive sleep over and scare the shit out of each other. At the end of the week we'd have a nice meal before he leaves ... then i'd probably cry but you know, best week of my life!

3. Favorite Album.
Fall Out Boy - Infinity On High. I listened to this album a lot when i was little. i remember my dad actually going to like HMV to buy it the day it came out and I was always so confused about the sheep on the front cover. Me and my sister used to always listen to it in bed before we went to sleep, mum and dad would come upstairs sometimes like "go to sleep" because they could hear us singing thought the floorboards. like whenever we went in the car we would take this album with us simply because we loved it so much. i'd say this album actually meant quite a lot to me, it was a pretty big part of my childhood.

4. Favorite Book.
I'm gonna be honest i really don't read, although recently my sis bought me Warm Bodies cause i loved the film so much. the books just as good if not better, its a great laugh and i would recommend it to anyone. if anyone has any books they would recommend to that would be great ^_^. so yeah, Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion

5. Favorite Superhero.
ive answered this question quite a lot and it is and always will be Hit Girl. Simply, shes just a little girl and shes so badass! she hasnt really got any super powers, she had to work really hard to get good at what she does. like she doesnt give a fuck about her education, she just wants to kick ass and have fun doing it. The whole idea of kick-ass is that its meant to be in the real world, theres no Gotham, theres no super spider that will bite you, theres no aliens from other planets, hit girl is just meant to be a normal teenage girl in the real world who risks her life to fight evil, she's awesome!

Megs Q's

1. If you could only live of one food for the rest of your life what would it be?
pretty sure i answered this in the 10 facts but NOOOODLESSS! so many falvours, wouldnt get bored ^_^ 

2. What is your favorite biscuit?
hmm.... i dono probably like those cadbury ones which you get in those tins around christmas, like its round and covered in chocolate and its got like the dark chocolate squiggly line over it ... you know what i mean?

3. If you could own a wild animal as a pet what would you like your pet to be? (what would you mean them?)
either a black wolf called Loki or an acrtic fox called Yuki 

4. If you could visit anywhere in the world where would you go and why?
Germany, ive always wanted to go to Germany. i want to see what bands like Rammstein and WBTBWB would be like in their own county. either that or Tokyo, i dont think i really need to explain that though, it just looks awesome XD 

5. Favorite song at the moment?

hmmmmmmmmmmm Crossfaith - Eclipse or ISSUES - Mad At Myself (both very good songs, go check them out)

okay time for my questions (if anyone wants to do them, i dont know)

1.favorite cartoon/anime (and why)?
2.if you could have 1 song as your theme song which would you pick (care to explain maybe)?
3.what colour are your socks today and why did you pick them!? (i dono)
4. if you could create a world to live in what would it be like and what would you call it?
5. if you could make any drink what would it be called and what would it taste like!!!

answer these if you want, just say that i tagged you or whatever 
  • Mood: I Have To Pee
  • Reading: Warm Bodies
  • Watching: NCIS: los angeles
  • Playing: with your mind muhahaha


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just some girl trapped in a world of peasant

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