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Masato Hijirikawa by RissyHorrorx
Masato Hijirikawa
part 3 of my Uta no Prince-sama series ^^. Another favorite of mine, Masato <3 
coming up next - Ren ! 

please do not take, use, or manipulate without permission, Thank you!
Ittoki Otoya by RissyHorrorx
Ittoki Otoya
Ittoki from Uta no Prince-Sama. He took a little longer than expected but oh well, he was super fun to draw ^^ next I will be drawing Masato since he's my other favorite. Make sure to watch out for more!

please do not take use or manipulate without permission, thanks! 
Tokiya Ichinose by RissyHorrorx
Tokiya Ichinose
Tokiya from Uta no Prince-Sama. I admit its not the best anime I've watched, I hate haruka (the main character) so much and some part of the show can be super cheesy but still its so fun to watch and I love the guys. Tokiya is my favorite so I decided to draw him first, I will be drawing the other guys soon though starting with Ittoki! (whats that? a full set for once? amazing!) 

please do not take use or manipulate without permission thank you! 
Your Sword cant save you now by RissyHorrorx
Your Sword cant save you now
Another art of my OC Eris Ambrosine, this time "joined" by another OC of mine Kina Corbin. This time I was trying to work more with lighting and mood setting. I tried to include part of a background too, which is probably what took me the most time. Hope it achieved the right sort of creepy look i was looking for. 

Might be thinking of doing some manga strips of these guys n stuff ... just maybe thought (dont get your hopes up)

Kina is 19, she is one of the Lunari (mentioned here) in fact she is one of the first born's. this means that she mutated after been born and still displays some of her human traits instead of being the spawn of other Lunai. her complexion is pale blue and cold. The red stains and veins are very common features of the Lunari although Kina's only appear when she hasn't fed in a while (it is not actually blood, it is a chemical that is already inside her). Lunari become a lot stronger on the night of the full moon, and like in this picture, tonight is one of those nights. Kina lives on the outskirts of Dracmere, in an old mansion by herself. Her full family once lived there with her but once the Lunari plague started to spread they all left without her. Her personality is very flirtatious and playful, she doesnt attack everyone she comes across but her mood can change very quickly, its best not to get on her bad side.

In this picture Eris was sent to kill Kina, they have met many times before but she has never been sent to assassinate her before. As soon as she got there Kina began to follow her, staying in the shadows out of sight. Once she entered the study Kina decided to jump out on her. After a few minutes of fighting Kina managed to knock her sword from her hand and pin her to the ground. 

please to not take, use or manipulate without permission. Thank you
Eris Ambrosine by RissyHorrorx
Eris Ambrosine
Eris is one of my latest OC's, this is my first digital drawing of her (i have a lot of sketches on paper too) and I really quite like drawing her so maybe there'll be some more later too, i also have other characters from this "series" which i would also like to draw ^^ 

Eris comes from the city of Dracmere where she lives with her father and two younger brothers Dante and Henrik. Ever since the age of 17 her farther has been training her to become a knight, and now at the age of 21 she works along side The Guild of Embers. The Guild of Embers are a society situated within Dracmere which help to hunt down Lunari, a species of mutant which plague the world. Her tattoo and outfit are signs of her being part of this guild. (her tattoo does not have any magical ability, it is literally just a tattoo)

In this picture she is at Shadowgate Fortress, a mysterious land in the sky where she is taken to get her sword. Her sword is created from a normal steel sword which is enchanted with her blood to produce a weapon fit specifically to her. No two people have the same weapon. 


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Rissy Horror
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
just some girl trapped in a world of peasant

1. Choose some of your OC'S 

2. Make your OC'S answer these questions 

3. Tag other people 

4. Add one question of your own


1: Hiro

2: shun

3: Jiro

4: Ty 


And here goes the questions: 

A- How old are you? 
Hiro: 18
Shun: 17 .... im almost 18 though
Jiro: 18
Ty: 18

B- Do you want a hug?
Hiro: Just a hug, Nothing more? *sigh* fine...
Shun: Sure, I love hugs!
Jiro: No, dont touch me
Ty: As long as you're okay with me never letting go

C- Have any bad habits?
Hiro: prefer not to say
Shun: sometimes i read smutty fan fics....
Jiro: Does ignoring everybody count?
Ty: sleeping at my computer desk ... what, beds to far away okay! 

D- You a virgin?
Hiro: wouldnt you like to know *wink*
Shun: yeah
Jiro: ugh 
Ty: question

E- Have any kids?
Hiro: nope, maybe one day 
Shun: no but id like to in the future
Jiro: eww children
Ty: im not too keen on children

F- Favorite food or drink?
Hiro: sushi 
Shun: ice cream!
Jiro: Monster energy, helps me keep awake at 4am
Ty: ermm... im trying to think of something thats not typical... but I just really love pizza

G- Killed anyone?
Hiro:*looks at Jiro*
Shun: *looks at Jiro*
jiro: .. what? ...why are yo- HEY I HAVENT OKAY!
TyL... yet

H- Hate anyone?
Hiro: yeah, not gonna say names, they know who they are...
Shun: i try not to but there are a few i just cant stand
Jiro: can i say everyone?
Ty: theres a couple peoople

I- Any secrets?
Hiro: maybe, not that you'll ever know
Shun: heh heh no...
Jiro: mind your own business
Ty: *shrug* 

J: Love anyone?
Hiro: ...*blush* ... maybe
Shun: I love loads of people!
Jiro: I dont have to answer your questions
Ty: I dont have anyone special if thats what you mean ... 

K- what is your job?
Hiro: I'm 18, why would I have a job yet ... what do you mean I should have one by now?
Shun: I dont have one
Jiro: does owning a dedicated Pete Wentz blog count?
Ty: I worked in a coffee shop for a week once... they caught me drinking the coffee

L- Favorite season?
Hiro: obviously Winter, the cold gives you more reason to cuddle
Shun: summer, it means we an swim more!
Jiro: Autumn, cold but not too cold yet 
Ty: spring, not too hot, not too cold, win win

M- Who's your best friend?
Hiro: *rolls eyes* ... Ty 
Shun: *looks up at Hiro* ... uhh couldn't possibly pick just one..
Jiro: I guess this little dweeb *ruffles Shun's hair*
Ty: yes! I mean uhh... yeah you too Hiro

N- Hobbies?
Hiro: come here and I'll show you
Shun: swimming, cooking ... I guess I like reading too
Jiro: Shun fanfiction doesnt count, and I like listening to music, doing basically anything on the internet, y'know
Ty: swimming and drawing... wait what do you mean by that Hiro?
Hiro: never you mind 

P- what is your eye color?
Hiro: turquoise 
Shun: light blue
Jiro: "apple" ...apparently 
Ty: dark bluey purple .... i have no idea

Q- Are you good? Or Bad?
Hiro: I'll be whatever you want me to be
Shun: ...I'd like to think I'm good
Jiro: I'm pretty sure thats obvious
Ty: depends if I like you or not ..Hiro stop that

R- If you could get anything right now what would it be?
Hiro: a nice hot steamy shower
Shun: a hot chocolate, its cold in here
Jiro: some better headphones
Ty: Hiro to stop with the flirty comments .... and maybe a milshake..
Hiro: that wasnt even anything bad!

S- What is your greatest fear?
Hiro: ...spiders, the 8 legs, the eyes, the way they move *cringe* no, just no!
Shun: being in small enclosed places 
Jiro: my headphones dying ... i dont think i could go on anymore without them
Ty: dying, the obvious one

T- does your name have a special meaning?
Hiro: prosperous
Shun: talented
Jiro: second, son ... strange, im the third one
Ty: tiler... wow, amazing 

V- Any siblings? 
Hiro: one older sister, she doesnt live with us
Shun: nope, just me
Jiro: two older annoying brothers, they dont understand me
Ty: nope, all alone

W- where do you live? 
All: Japan

X- Do you find yourself attractive?
Hiro: ... is it wrong to think that?
Shun: a lot of people call me cute ... i tend not to think anything
Jiro: yeah, so what
Ty: a little ... well people always tell you that you need to love yourself, that what it means right?

Y- what's the stupidest thing you've ever pulled off?
Hiro: I played a zombie prank on my sister once.... we probably shouldnt talk about it
Shun: I put a balloon in a cake... it didnt go well
Jiro: too many things to pick out just one
Ty: setting off the  fire alarm and putting a hell load of salt in the cookery classes curry was a pretty bad idea ...

Z- Any last words?
Shun: umm bye?
Jiro: go away 
Ty: cya !

[edit] - forgot to add tags and an extra question so uhh, guys get back here! 

Jiro: seriously? I thought we were done with this!
Hiro: just do it okay, stop being so grummpy
Shun: I think this is fun actually
Ty: I woke up for this? ugh

Extra- whats your favorite anime? 
Hiro: Blue Exorcist ... I want a sword
Shun: Ouran Hig...I mean Attack On Titan... yup ... 
Jiro: Death note
Ty: Soul Eater probably, Kid is my favorite haha 

and tags: lazy so yeah, if you have any OC's then just do this! you, yes you, are being tagged 

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